What’s the Legal Limit for Tinted Windows in Utah? (2024 Updated)

Window tinting is a popular modification that comes with some confusing rules. Each state has its own set of rules about the degree of tint certain windows on your vehicle are allowed to have. If you live in Utah, make sure you know the laws surrounding window tinting before you get it done to your car!

Window tint percentages explained

Window tint is rated in percentages out of 100, referred to as VLT% (Visual Light Transmission Percentage). The percentage refers to the amount of light the tint allows through into the car. A higher percentage allows in more light, meaning the tint itself is lighter. A lower percentage is a darker tint, allowing less light into the vehicle. The lower the percentage, the harder it will be to see out of the tinted window (especially in low-light conditions).

Different windows have different requirements

Tint laws prescribe different VLT% numbers for different windows on a vehicle. Normally, the windshield and front windows have a specified VLT%, while the back-passenger windows and rear windows are not limited, or allowed to be significantly darker. In Utah, the tint limits are as follows:

Windshield tint

Above the windshield AS1 line (top 4 inches), any tint darkness may be used. Below the AS1 line, a minimum of 70% VTL must be allowed.

Windshield tint on top 4 inches (AS1 Line)
AS1 line shown with tint

Front window tint

35% or more VTL must be allowed through the front driver and passenger windows

Back passenger window tint

The back-passenger windows can be as dark as you would like them to be.

Rear window tint

Like the back-passenger windows, there is no restriction on rear window tint VTL%.

Mirrored window tint

Some types of window tints have a reflective appearance. In Utah, having any reflective or metallic appearance on window tints is prohibited on all vehicle windows.

Additional Utah window tinting laws

Several other specific window tint laws in Utah go beyond the standard ones above.

Side Mirrors

Dual side mirrors are mandatory if any windows behind the driver are tinted.

Prohibited Colors

Tinting in emergency or warning colors (yellow, red, blue) is not permitted.


Stickers identifying legal tinting are not mandatory.

Medical Exemptions

There are no medical exceptions available for special window tinting in Utah.


Knowing the laws surrounding window tinting in your state will keep you out of trouble if you decide to get a tint done on your vehicle.

If you plan on getting your car windows tinted, make sure you stay within Utah’s guidelines to avoid legal trouble. If you’re looking to improve the performance of your Jaguar, VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, or Porsche, give Alex’s Autohaus a call to talk to one of our performance experts today!

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