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Porsche vehicles have always been at the forefront of new automotive technology. While the brand flaunts its rich history and dedication to over a century of tradition, they’ve never been one to shy away from technological advancements that could improve their vehicles’ revered driving experience.  One of these newer technologies has begun to appear on […]

Oftentimes when discussing the weight of a vehicle we only focus on the curb weight, or the weight of the vehicle without any passengers or cargo but including full fuel and fluids. While this simplifies things and makes it easier to compare the weights of differing vehicles, it also glosses over factors that influence how […]

While the manual (stick-shift, standard, or just stick) transmission is on its way to becoming a piece of automotive history, there are still new vehicles being produced, not to mention countless older cars still on the road, that employ the old-fashioned three-pedal transmission. At one point, manual gearboxes offered superior fuel economy and performance to […]

Lowering your car is one of those modifications that can improve not only the look of your car but the performance as well. When lowering your vehicle, you’re also lowering the center of gravity, which helps it stay planted through sharp corners and maneuvers.  However, there are a few ways to drop the height of […]

There’s no question that brake pads are one of the most important components in your car. What’s the good in being able to drive fast if you can’t also slow yourself down in a safe distance? So when it’s time to replace your brake pads, you may find yourself looking at a range of options […]

Forced induction has built a reputation for being the ultimate addition to a vehicle when chasing significant power increases. Nowadays, forced induction can be found more and more in commuter vehicles since it can improve efficiency while retaining horsepower and torque. But what exactly is forced induction? In this article, we’ll go over the benefits […]

The BMW N63 was one of the most advanced V8 engines when it hit the market in 2008. BMW’s new motor for performance sedans and SUVs had various things that made it unique, from its all-aluminum construction, direct injection, and “hot-V” layout which was the first of its kind in a production engine.  The N63 […]

European vehicles have proved themselves as some of the easiest platforms to gain power from. Often times a simple box tune can improve power and torque numbers significantly. Today we look at five of the best vehicles for tuning that you can buy new or slightly used as of 2023! MK8 Volkswagen Golf R (2023-Present) […]

The EA888 engine family has a long history as a workhorse engine used across the VW/Audi lineup. This ubiquitous turbo four-cylinder has been used in everything from the Golf GTI to the Audi Q7, with various power outputs and displacements available depending on the application.  With the release of the MK8 GTI and Golf R, […]

The Mk7 Golf/GTI/R platform had a long run from 2015-2021 (in North America) and set a new standard for build quality and out-of-the-box performance in the hot hatch/hatchback segment. The aftermarket support for the EA888 Gen 3 engine is robust, and it’s proven to be potent and fairly reliable as a performance platform.  For the […]