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European Performance and Tuning in Salt Lake City

Does your vehicle’s performance leave you wanting more? Alex’s Autohaus is proud to be the premier tuning destination in the Salt Lake Valley for Audi, VW, Mercedes, BMW, and other European vehicles. We offer a range of options from the industry frontrunners designed to add a little (or a lot) of extra pep to your European vehicle.

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Options for You, The Driver

We understand that different drivers have different wants and needs when it comes to their vehicles, whether in terms of budget, reliability, or power output. That’s why our tuning services are tailored directly to what you want as a driver. Our tuning experts will help break down available ECU tunes and performance upgrades for your platform, review the pros and cons, and select the optimal choice for your circumstances. 

Our Vendors

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Turn Up the Dial on Performance

For those wanting a significant bump in horsepower without the hassle of finicky engine modifcations, ECU tunes provide a quick tuning process solely within the software of the vehicle’s internal computer. ECU software flashes unlock left on the table by the manufacturer.

Manufacturers of flash tunes often offer their files for specific vehicles in varying levels of intensity, usually labeled with different “stages”. For instance, Stage 1 tunes are the least expensive option while offering the smallest power and torque gains, while Stage 2 tunes will have both a higher price tag and power increase.

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These stage tiers are often used interchangeably between varying tuning companies and vehicles, but it should be noted that these are not set in stone and differ considerably depending on the make/model and the tune itself.

As you move up in the tuning stages, the software changes will become drastic enough to require upgraded hardware such as exhaust components and turbochargers. Our tuning experts will help lay out what changes would be needed for any particular tune, and source those parts from our network of reputable suppliers.

Tuning FAQs

It depends. Currently, Volkswagen/Audi leaves much of it up to the individual dealer. Some local dealers tend to be more affable than others. Give us a call and we can provide some suggested options should you be required to return to the dealer. BMW’s systems log everything and any non-approved tuning will cause issues. For this marque, we recommend that if you want to tune your vehicle and it is still under warranty, go with products approved by the factory. We can help you decipher all of the options. Regardless, keep in mind that Alex’s Autohaus can take care of all of your preventative maintenance needs and ensure that your warranty stays in full force. The dealer is not your only option for service to keep your warranty valid.

Absolutely! Forced induction (turbocharged or supercharged) vehicles get the biggest boost from a tune, but all vehicles will see improved performance, removal of top speed limiter, and the ability to left foot brake on auto equipped cars.

In general, a basic tune will not make any dramatic difference on fuel economy. The largest variable is how heavy the driver’s right foot is after they have access to more power.

This is a loaded question. It depends on how far you go, and how you use your car. APR and our other vendors spend millions of dollars to develop products that will be durable and safe for your car. If you are diligent about your maintenance, there is no reason to expect any significant reduction in longevity (excluding extreme applications like race motors). The largest factor of vehicle reliability is frequency of maintenance.

Not to worry. Follow this link www.goapr.com/support. There are easy to follow instructions to help. If you still have issues, feel free to come by the shop and our expert tuning mechanics will help you out. Remember, we are the premier stop for APR tuning in Salt Lake City, Utah, and we take care to reinforce APR’s commitment to precise engineering by providing our own topnotch service.