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Audi Repair and Maintenance

In class and status, this German auto maker strives to stay at the forefront of automotive technology with an unwavering commitment to performance and luxury. Audi has become a favorite among consumers demanding superior automobiles. Audi’s advanced technology has largely contributed to the Volkswagen Group’s success and reputation for superior performance.

Alex’s Autohaus is Utah’s independent Audi specialist. With so much innovation coming from this automaker, it is important to have your Audi repair done by qualified technicians using the latest technical equipment. This is exactly what you’ll find when you come to our local Audi repair shop. At Alex’s Autohaus, we speak the language of these highly technical cars. We know what you expect when you drive away from having your scheduled maintenance and repairs done on your Audi car or SUV. We can handle any Audi repairs you may need and perform all the routine service so you can maintain the superior driving experience, comfort and safety you had in mind when you made that initial investment in your Audi vehicle. Contact us today for any Audi repair or service.

Audi Maintenance Services Include:

  • Oil Service
  • Engine – Spark Plugs, Fuel and Air Filters, Sensors
  • Cooling – Radiator, Water Pump, Hoses, Thermostat
  • MIL Diagnostics (Check Engine Light)
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Engine Oil Leak Repairs
  • ABS & Airbag Light Diagnostics
  • Brake & Suspension Servicing
  • Electronic Diagnosis & Programming
  • Accessories and Air Conditioning
  • APR and Autologic Performance Tuning

Our state-of-the-art Factory Audi diagnostic tool enables us to perform the same diagnostic repairs and instrument coding that, in the past, could only be carried out by authorized dealerships.

Audi APR Tuning in Salt Lake City

Would you like to get the best possible performance from your Audi? Alex’s Autohaus provides performance enhancing APR tuning to the Salt Lake City area. We use different levels of upgrades that build on each other, allowing people the option of starting small, and slowly upgrading their upgrades as their budget allows. Here is a breakdown of our APR tuning upgrades:

  • Stage I : This stage usually includes an ECU tuning. Depending on your vehicle an ECU tune can add up to 50 horsepower.
    Stage I+ : This stage includes installing an intake system to improve airflow and lower air turbulence entering the intake. The smoother the air intake, the faster the turbochargers will spool up. We also offer a high-pressure fuel pump that flows more than 40% more than most stock parts.
  • Stage II : The main focus of Stage II is to deal with exhaust. We offer multiple options, but for the most part we recommend a full turbo-back exhaust.
  • Stage III : During this stage, we upgrade the turbocharger to a K04 or the bigger Garrett Ball Bearing Turbos. Our APR tuning experts recommend that you upgrade fuel injectors and turbocharger plumbing to handle the increased boost pressure. We would also reflash your ECU to use a more aggressive fuel/timing map to take advantage of these power adders.
  • Stage III+ : In this stage, you will need to upgrade your engine internals as the Audi stock connecting rods begin to have problems at the 400 horsepower level. You will also want to consider cylinder head work and upgrading your valve train, a custom turbo to fit your application, standalone engine management, engine conversions, etc. Give our Audi auto tuning mechanics a call and we can match the right products for your intended use.

Audi Aftermarket Parts

We carry a huge selection of Audi aftermarket parts. If for some reason we don’t have a part, we can order it for you.

Timing Belt Maintenance

Alex’s Autohaus, along with many dealerships, has updated the service interval for timing belt replacement. Audi vehicles utilize these flexible composite belts, which if allowed to fail will do extensive engine damage. Updated information is as follows:

  • TT Replacement @ 60k miles *
  • A4 Replacement @ 60-80k miles *
  • A6 Replacement@ 75k miles *
  • A8 & A6 4.2 Replacement @ 75k miles *

* All models due on time @ 6 years

Post Warranty Audi Maintenance

Alex’s Autohaus is the best choice for Audi service after the warranty expires. When your warranty coverage is over and you begin paying on the spot for maintenance and repairs, you are free to make more choices about where your service and repair work is done. Alex’s Autohaus does it all. Our Midvale Audi repair technicians have the training, skills, and equipment to perform all maintenance and repair work, and we can honor your extended warranty contracts. Our customers have made us their preferred choice for continuing their scheduled preventative maintenance and for making their repairs.

Nationwide Warranty 3 year, 36,000 mile

Alex’s Autohaus offers all customers the Bosch and Tech-Net Peace of Mind Nationwide Warranty. The 36 month/36,000 mile warranty is honored at over 10,000 service centers across the country. Our 36,000 mile warranty is the best in the business!

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