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Owning a fun, peppy Mini Cooper is great – you get to enjoy the styling of Great Britain with the high quality and reliability of German BMW engineering. Regardless of whether you drive a Coupe, Roadster, Clubman, Paceman, Countryman, or John Cooper Works, you’re in for a great time and an exciting driving experience.

To keep your Mini Cooper in the best possible condition, our mechanics at Alex’s Autohaus in Salt Lake City recommend following a regular service and maintenance routine. Whenever your engine oil gets dirty, for example, it must be changed.

If not, you could risk clogging or ruining your engine. With a regular oil change in our shop, you can expect our experienced mechanics to change the oil and filter; check the tires, brakes and fluid levels; examine and grease wheel centering hubs; and, reset the service interval display. We will use only the best synthetic oils, which are required for your Mini to run properly. We recommend changing the oil at least every 7,500 miles.

Service Level I

Your Mini’s service interval indicator should alert you when it’s time for a more in-depth service appointment. For this first inspection, we’ll add to our oil change services by checking the transmission, battery, suspension, CV boots and cooling system. We will also change the transmission fluid (if necessary), check and change the wiper blades, and change the interior ventilation filter, depending on our master mechanic’s recommendations.

Service Level II

For the second big inspection, which you will also be reminded of by the service level indicator, we will do everything required for the oil change and first service inspection. Then, we’ll flush the brake fluid and may change the engine coolant. If your Mini has high mileage, we’ll also recommend changing the serpentine belt, oxygen sensor and spark plugs.

Mini Cooper Repairs

Even when well-cared for, most Mini Coopers may eventually need repairs. Our mechanics have noticed a few recurring problems with these fine automobiles, and we can complete repairs quickly and correctly. We use “factory” diagnostic equipment and information, and our prices easily beat dealer rates in the Salt Lake City area.

Below is a list of some of the most common problems we see:

Clutch replacement: If you drive the standard manual six-speed transmission, you may experience premature clutch failure. This is particularly true if you have the bad habit of holding down the clutch when you aren’t shifting.

Malfunctioning electronic locks and windows: Every automobile has some deficiencies, and unfortunately one of the Mini Cooper’s may be broken electronic locks. You may also run into problems with the windows going up properly, but then mysteriously going down about six inches. These are relatively minor problems, but having them repaired is vital to a good driving experience.

Failed electronic power steering pump: Later models of the Mini Cooper use an electronic steering pump, and yours may fail early. If it does, we’ll replace the part and also check the cooling fan to prevent further problems.

Transmission failure: If your Mini has an automatic transmission, manufacturer recommendations say that it doesn’t require servicing. However, we have seen enough Mini transmissions fail that we recommend service and fluid replacement about every 30,000 miles.

Whether your need Mini Cooper repairs or simply service and maintenance, contact the skilled mechanics at Alex’s Autohaus in Salt Lake City today. We love high-quality foreign automobiles, and we’ll get yours running its best. Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page, or call at (801) 566-6115.

Nationwide Warranty 3 year, 36,000 mile

Alex’s Autohaus offers all customers the Bosch and Tech-Net Peace of Mind Nationwide Warranty. The 36 month/36,000 mile warranty is honored at over 10,000 service centers across the country. Our 36,000 mile warranty is the best in the business!

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