Best Modifications for the MK7 GTI (Updated 2024)

Volkswagen’s MK7 platform has been out for a long time now, and the prices of MK7 GTI’s are dropping. You can pick up a low-mileage one for relatively cheap. While the MK8 platform is about to begin production, there is still a ton of aftermarket support for the MK7 GTI, and products will be produced for it for years to come. If you just picked up a used MK7 GTI, you might be wondering what the best available modifications are. In this guide, we are going to go over the best mods for the MK7 GTI, updated for 2024!

ECU and TCU Tune

If you want to get more performance out of your MK7 GTI, the best place to start is with a tune. There is a variety of tuning companies that have spent countless hours developing and perfecting software that extracts the most power out of your engine. Brands like APR, Integrated Engineering, Unitronic, and others are all reputable sources for an easy ECU tune that will breathe new life into your MK7 (like this one from APR). A stage 1 ECU tune will give you by far the largest power increase for the dollar. Depending on the tune, the MK7 GTI’s 2.0 TSI motor can produce as much as 87 horsepower and 88 lb-ft of torque over stock.

If your GTI is equipped with a DSG transmission, you can get a TCU (transmission control unit) tune as well. A TCU tune will not give you a bump in power, but it will make your car more exciting to drive. The tune increases the clamping pressures of the clutches in the transmission, allowing for more aggressive, rapid shifts. The tune also removes auto upshifting, meaning you can hold gears at high RPMs without the car shifting to the next gear. In addition to improving performance, the TCU tune keeps transmission temperatures lower. The higher clamping pressures reduce the amount of slip in the transmission, producing less heat.

Upgraded Downpipe and Exhaust

An exhaust upgrade can improve performance and driving experience. On the MK7 GTI, an upgraded downpipe will provide power and torque gains with the correct software, while a cat-back exhaust will enhance your engine’s sound.

mk7 gti exhaust


The downpipe sits immediately after the turbo and allows exhaust gases to enter the exhaust system. The factory downpipe on the MK7 GTI restricts airflow, so upgrading to a higher-flowing pipe will allow the engine to move more air. When accompanied by software, a downpipe can add between 28 and 40 horsepower and 22-25 lb-ft of torque on top of Stage 1 depending on the tune. On the MK7 GTI, an upgraded downpipe with software is considered a Stage 2 car.

Cat-Back Exhaust

Adding a cat-back exhaust system won’t provide the gains seen from a tune or downpipe, but the increase in engine noise makes the driving experience far more enjoyable. There are several good-quality exhaust systems available that offer varying sound levels and tones.


While you might see marginal performance gains from an intake system, they are more of an aesthetic modification on the MK7 GTI. Many intake systems use materials like carbon fiber, so they look great in your engine bay. After-market intake systems are less restrictive than the factory air box, which allows for more audible turbo noise while you drive. Like a cat-back exhaust system, the extra noise from an intake can make your car more exciting to drive.

APR mk7 gti carbon intake

Turbo Inlet Elbow

In addition to an intake system, an aftermarket turbo inlet elbow will greatly improve intake airflow. The factory unit is very restrictive. An upgraded inlet elbow will feed the turbo more air, and in turn, produce more power.

APR turbo inlet elbow

Turbo Muffler Delete

The OEM turbo muffler is meant to reduce harmonic noise coming from the turbocharger. While it’s effective at keeping the noise down, it is restrictive to airflow. Deleting the turbo muffler on your MK7 GTI will offer modest power gains and improved throttle response.

APR turbo muffler compared to factory muffler

Intercooler Upgrade

The hot summers in Utah make an upgraded intercooler a great modification for our local customers. The intercooler allows air that has been compressed by the turbocharger to cool down, becoming denser, and therefore producing more power.

The factory intercooler on the MK7 GTI works ok at factory power levels, but a tuned car will quickly run into a condition called heat soak. You may already notice heat soak on a stock car. If it’s hot out, after a couple of hard accelerations your car may feel underpowered. Upgrading the intercooler to one with a larger core will help correct this problem. With more surface area, the pressurized air will be cooled more efficiently.

APR intercooler

Rear Sway Bar

Factory suspension on the MK7 GTI is adequate, but not optimized for performance on twisty roads of the track. This is especially true if your car is making more power. The MK7 platform tends to understeer. Upgrading to a thicker rear sway bar will reduce understeer and help flatten the car out in corners.

APR rear sway bar

Springs, Coil Overs, and Suspension

Replacing the factory suspension on your MK7 GTI will improve your car’s appearance and performance. If you opt for a static suspension upgrade (“static” means any non-airbag system), you can choose between lowering springs and coilovers. Lowering springs will drop your GTI’s ride height a set amount, offering better handling and a more aggressive stance. Coil-overs are an adjustable suspension system, that allows you to control your ride height. Some coil-over systems offer damping control, giving you even more control of your car’s handling.

If you want to go low but need the ability to adjust on the fly, an air suspension system might be what you are looking for. Airbags allow you to control your ride height with the push of a button. While the convenience and looks of a bagged car are appealing, they will not offer the same level of handling and performance as a static suspension system.

Dog Bone Mount

When your GTI is making more power, upgrading your dog bone mount helps you get more power to the ground.

When you accelerate hard, the torque produced by your engine causes it to flex and move. This movement reduces the amount of torque that is made through the drivetrain to the wheels. Upgraded dog bone mounts or dog bone mount inserts stiffen up the engine’s connection to the car. With less movement, you will feel a reduction in wheel hop and an increase in acceleration.

Water Methanol Injection

Water Methanol Injection (WMI) works by injecting a mixture of water and methanol into the pressurized intake air. The mixture lowers the intake air temperature significantly, allowing the engine to produce more power.

IS38 Turbo Upgrade

The modifications on this list bring your GTI nearly to the max on the factory IS20 turbo. The MK7 GTI shares a nearly identical engine layout to the MK7 Golf R. The IS38 turbo found on the Golf R and S3 is a direct replacement for the smaller unit found on the GTI.

With an IS38 turbo upgrade and a tune, you will be making more power than a stock Golf R or S3. Being front-wheel drive, your GTI will be significantly faster than both the R and S3 on the highway. The Golf R and S3 are both all-wheel drive and see much more drivetrain loss than the GTI.

is38 swapped 2.0 tsi

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