BMW Tuning by Noelle Performance

Alex’s Autohaus is proud to announce that we are the newest dealer for Noelle Performance.  This new relationship provides our customer’s with the most advanced tuning for the newest cars and ECU’s from BMW.  Alex’s Autohaus with our partnership with Noelle Performance now has the ability to provide performance tunes not available anywhere else.  This includes BMW 5-Series and 8-Series cars equipped with the N63 engine.

Who is Noelle Performance?

Noelle Performance was founded by one of the best BMW tuners in the world; Karl-Otto Noelle.  Karl was the head engine development engineer at the storied Alpina before forming Noelle Performance.  Previously he offered his tuning services to companies such as AC Schnitzer, Dinan, Hartge and Wiesmann among others.  Now we can provide this expertise directly to our Utah BMW tuning customers.

M4 Engine

Why Noelle Performance?

Choosing the right tune for your car can be a confusing and scary endeavor as the consequence to having a poorly calibrated tune can be so severe.  A “bad” tune can be as minor as not hitting the safe power potential of your car to diminished drivability and engine damage.

Noelle Performance does it properly and safely to get you the power and improved driving experience that didn’t come from the factory.

  • Noelle programs the engine and power-matches the transmission, electronic differential, DSC, ABS and the Sport Display
  • Proper and safe flash installation without removal of the DME from the vehicle
  • All of the factory safety parameters are left in place to protect your vehicle
  • All Emission systems remain unaltered to provide a worry-free experience when it comes time to smog check your vehicle
  • Maintains your new car limited factory warranty
  • Provides the best power, drivability and reliability of any other tuning company on the market
  • Works with 2020 Bootloader that other companies are not able to tune which allows availability of performance upgrades that no one else has
  • Installed by a dealer that has experience and understands the complexity of your vehicle
M8 Competition Engine

What Vehicles Can be Tuned?

Noelle offers tunes for multiple platforms and continues to grow.  Current offerings include:

  • 1 Series – F20 and F21 (2012-present) chassis equipped with the N55 and B58 engines.
  • 2 Series – F22 (2014-present) chassis equipped with the B58 engine
  • 3 Series – F30, F31, F34 and G20 (2012-present) chassis equipped  with the N55 and B58 engine
  • 4 Series – F32, F33 and F36 (2013-present) chassis equipped with the N55 and B58 engines
  • 5 Series – F10, F11, F07, G30 and G31 (2010-present) chassis equipped with the N55, B58, N63 and N63TU engines
  • 6 Series – F12, F13 and F06 (2011-present) chassis equipped with the N55, B58, N63 and N63TU engines
  • 7 Series – F01, F02, G11 and G12 (2008-present) chassis equipped with the B58, N63 and N63TU engines
  • 8 Series – G14, G15 and G16 (2018-present) chassis equipped with the B58 and N63 engines
  • X Series – F15, F16, F25, F26,G01, G07 (2010-present) chassis equipped with the N55, N63, N63TU engines
  • M Series – M-cars (F-chassis and newer starting in 2011) and suv’s equipped with the N55, S55, S63 engines
M8 Competition Rear End

When you are ready to take your BMW to the next level of performance give Alex’s Autohaus a call or schedule an appointment online and we can help you safely push your car to the limits.

Nationwide Warranty

3 YEAR, 36,000 MILE

Alex’s Autohaus offers all customers the Bosch and Tech-Net Peace of Mind Nationwide Warranty. The 36 month/36,000 mile warranty is honored at over 10,000 service centers across the country. Our 36,000 mile warranty is the best in the business!

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