V2.0.x Software now available for the MK7 GTI / A3 Platform 2.0T

APR has updated their Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 IS38 ECU Upgrades bringing new features, power, and safety. This is mostly available in the newly released 2019 GTI / A3 ECU Upgrades and is now available for all previous years in North America.

Key Updates:

– Better power delivery with flatter torque, and higher peak power
– Various protection routines added and tweaked
– Linear pedal mapping
– Tire spin protection added (FWD files only, running an AWD file disables it)
– Corrected the digital dash boost gauge
– Auto Start / Stop is now inverted and defaults off (Stage 2/3)
– Optional pops and bangs have 3 options: off, normal, and aggressive
– Specific files were created for FWD and AWD drivetrains
– Specific files were created for 6MT and DSG gearboxes
– Low torque files added
– Low octane (87 R+M/2) files added

Tuning Details:

Using a Kistler in-cylinder pressure transducer system, we greatly improved combustion efficiency and reduced in-cylinder combustion pressure while delivering the same output. Furthermore low-RPM torque is now limited in taller gears for greater LSPI protection. Essentially the engine experiences less strain but creates the same power.

Using exhaust gas pressure transducers, thermocouples and turbine shaft speed sensors, we were able to more accurately adjust various speed and pressure models within the ECU, allowing us to reduce turbo shaft speed without sacrificing power. In doing so, boost control was greatly improved. We were able to enable and calibrate various turbo shaft speed protection routines within the ECU that were not enabled or calibrated on all ECU part numbers from the factory. Finally, turbo surge protection routines were recalibrated to prevent low rpm high load compressor surge in various conditions. Essentially boost control is improved, protection routines were added and the turbo doesn’t spin as fast or work as hard to create the same power.

Pedal mapping was altered to provide a more linear feel. This gives the driver a more predictable pedal map. The map matches the OEM feel from 0-60% throttle and then increases linearly from 60-95% at peak torque. Furthermore first gear torque reductions were recalibrated in such a way as to not alter the pedal mapping sensitivity. Lastly, the valve-lift transition point is greatly improved during part-throttle operation for smoother operation.

Vehicles equipped with the digital boost gauge will now see a more accurate gauge representation that shows vacuum all the way up to 3,000 mbar of absolute boost.

The optional exhaust crackle feature has been improved based on customer feedback, and the stationary rev limited has been increased to 5,000 rpm for improved free-revving sound. Furthermore a louder and more aggressive option is available. Specific files for manual and DSG exist.

Auto start/stop behavior is now inverted so the feature is turned off by default.

Wheel spin is reduced on FWD vehicles with FWD specific software. AWD files are available that do not have this reduction and can be run on FWD vehicles if you so desire.

Various other small tweaks related to support tickets and customer feedback was addressed to improve drivability and the driving experience.

Lastly, 87 (R+M)/2 or 90 RON modes are now available.

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