Utah Winter Prep Kit Car

As many of you have come to learn, winter driving in Utah can be hectic and it’s important to be prepared for the possibility of ending up waiting on the side of the road for a tow truck. No one plans on being in a car wreck, but the statistics indicate that it will happen to just about everyone (at least once) over the course of a lifetime. So, what should you have in your car to best be prepared when the situation does arise?

Alex’s Autohaus recommends having the following items handy in your car at all times:



  • Flashlight – The uses for a flashlight are pretty obvious. If you’re on the side of the road at night, then visibility can be your best friend.
  • Gloves – It’s cold out there! Living in Utah is not the same as living in Florida, and having gloves can warm up those hands and prepare you to start tinkering with a broken down vehicle.
  • Jumper Cables – Every car should always have jumper cables. Why? Because not every car will have jumper cables. You can always call a friend or family member for a jump, but if neither of you have the cables, then the jump isn’t going to be very effective.
  • A Little Cash – A little cash can go a long way when stuck on the side of the road. You may run out of gas and need to walk to the nearest gas station for a gallon. Or, you may need to buy a snack while waiting for a tow truck. Couldn’t hurt to have a $20 in the glove box.
  • Tow Hook – Need a tow? Not without a tow hook. Hiring a towing company is expensive, so if you can avoid that cost by having your own tow hook then you’ll be good to go when your buddy’s truck shows up to get you.
  • Wheel Lock Keys – Depending on where you got your car, you may or may not know where your lock keys are. If you purchased your car at an auction then you may not have them at all. But, when you need them, you will really need them, so make sure you know where they are and get them into your car as soon as possible.
  • Blanket or Warm Clothing – There aren’t any mountains in Florida and there are mountains in Utah. At our elevation and with the dry climate, evenings get especially cold in Utah and having a blanket handy could prevent illness or worse. If you frequently drive with children in the car, then you may want to have a few blankets ready for action.

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