How Do I Reset the Tire Pressure Light on My Volkswagen?

The tire pressure, or TPMS, light is perhaps the most common light to come on your dash. The tire pressure monitoring system exists to alert you of changes in tire air pressure. If the pressure drops too low, a warning light will come on the dash. On Volkswagen vehicles, a ding noise can be heard when the light comes on.

If you are driving along, having the tire pressure light will prompt you to check your tires and inflate them if they are low, which is great. However, if you have inflated them to the proper level, or recently changed over to another set of tires/wheels (think winter set), the light can remain on even when the pressure is adequate.

Knowing how to reset the TPMS light is handy. Not only is the light annoying, but if it’s already on you could miss your vehicle trying to warn you about low tire pressure. In this article, we are going to explain how to reset the tire pressure light on your Volkswagen!

TPMS light

Three Ways to Reset The Light

There are three potential ways the TPMS light can be reset. It depends mainly on the year and model of your VW.

Glove Box Reset Button

Base-model Volkswagen and older models will have a button at the back of the glove box. To reset the light, open the glove box, locate the button, and hold it down until you hear a chime. The light should now be off, and the system will be reset.

Gauge Cluster and Wiper Stock Reset

Resetting the TPMS on some early 2000s Volkswagens requires you to hold a button on the bottom of the wiper arm stock (right side), then navigate through the screen on the gauge cluster to TPMS. From here you can reset the light and system.

Center Stack Reset

On many modern Volkswagens, the TPMS system is reset through the center stack Multimedia Interface (MMI). Simply navigate to vehicle settings, select TPMS, and hit set.

TPMS Reset at Alex’s Autohaus

If you are having trouble resetting the TPMS light on your Volkswagen, we can help. Give us a call, schedule an appointment, or simply stop by our shop in Midvale and we will help you out!

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