What to Know About BMW Valve Stem Leaks

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BMW owners need to be aware of a complicated and inevitable problem.  With time, the valve stems of BMWs harden, creating an unsuccessful seal with the stem that eventually causes leakage.  This results in smoking and excessive oil consumption, along with decreased life of the catalytic converter.  You may also run into congestion of the secondary air injection.

At Alex’s Autohaus we can address these valve stem leaks in such a way that will save you thousands of dollars.  In many cases, other mechanics might have to remove the engine, cylinder heads or cams.  We can further eliminate the need to spend ongoing money keeping tabs on your cam timing, a cost that can exceed thousands of dollars.

A valve stem leak is only one of a handful of things that happen to BMWs over time.  BMW is known as the “Ultimate Driving Machine.”  However, what makes the vehicles ultimate is all of the components that are added for performance.  You won’t find many of those parts in your average Toyota Corolla.  When a car has more parts, there are more parts that need to be maintained and more parts that have the potential to break down.  It’s important to have a knowledgeable shop with all of the right tools taking care of you to make sure your car is always on the road.

With extensive experience and cutting edge N62 & N62-TU tools, we can service your BMW in ways our competitors cannot.  Another reason, among many, Alex’s Autohaus maintains excellent customer retention.  We have an unparalleled passion for European Luxury vehicles and customer care.

Are you living in the greater Salt Lake City area, or up in Park City and driving a BMW?  Come drop by the shop with any and all of your necessary maintenance or repairs that your other shop isn’t prepared to handle.  Schedule an appointment today.

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