On the fence about buying BMW, Audi, Porsche or Mercedes? Consider these lesser-known points.

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Here’s a short list of straight-to-the-point facts we have learned over our years of working with euro vehicles here in Utah.  Some may surprise you.

    • Experience –  Germans have the most experience on the planet with combustion engines.  Is this a deal maker?  Throw in their vast experience in racing, pushing engines to the limits, correcting mistakes and a local driving audience with no speed restrictions and you get companies with more experience than anyone.
    • Reliability –  Every year VDS reports show these automobiles with ratings above the  industry average after 4 and 5 years of use.  These long-term use results do not lie.
    • The Proof is in the pudding – A close study of how American, Japanese and Korean auto makers release and produce new vehicles reveals the huge (understandingly so), strive for maximum profits.  After years of following German auto makers you get a sense of listening to what consumers want over max-profits.
    • Luxury, luxury, luxury –  Let’s be honest, this is why you are reading this in the first place.  You have worked hard and it’s time to live a life of a little more luxury.  With this factor on the table the German auto makers are likely to wipe out any opponent.  Recession after recession, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche continue to grow in sales, never taking a step back and improving every year.  Need more convincing, go drive one!
    • Built for curves – American automobiles and others have been created with a different strain of DNA; straight acceleration.  A much broader gaze of engineering has gone into a german car build,  the result are automobiles that handle far superior and can hold their own in a straight stretch.  Throw in a few turns and stops and the German car will take the cake.

We hope these considerations help you.  We are passionate about vehicles of all types but have a special affection for German engineering.  Make sure to bring your vehicles to Alex’s Autohaus to have like-minded mechanics care for your car.

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