Auto Repair Salt Lake City: Summer Pre-Trip Inspection

Now that summer is upon us, I’m sure some are gearing up for an old-fashioned road trip. To the beach, perhaps to the mountains, or maybe just to Grandma’s house across the way. Regardless of where you’re going, though, it’s necessary to be sure that your vehicle is up for the trip. The solution? Have a pre-trip inspection at your local BMW Repair Salt Lake City. Here are some things to keep in mind before you head out for your trip:


If your tires are: over/under inflated, misaligned or worn down, then you’re not just losing gas mileage—you’re putting yourself and your passengers at risk! Keep in mind that altitude and heat affect pressure greatly, so be sure to check your tire’s pressure with a gauge every time you stop for gas. Misalignment makes your tires to work against each other, causing your tires to wear out pre-maturely. Oh, this ALSO kills your gas mileage. If you have any questions about your tires, consult an ASE-Certified tech at a Car Repair Salt Lake City.


You know the drill here. Change your oil and filter, check your transmission, coolant, and washer fluid reservoir. In fact, go ahead and double up on washer fluid—you never know what sort of conditions you’ll be driving in, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Wiper Blades

On the subject of washer fluid, what good would it be to have plenty of washer fluid but wiper blades that are inefficient? Ask yourself: do your wiper blades smear more than they clear? Then it’s time to get some new ones. Ask a Salt Lake City Mechanic for the best kind of wiper blades for your vehicle.


Hands down, the best thing you can do for your vehicle before a summer trip is to take it down to a VW Repair Salt Lake City for a pre-trip inspection. Besides, there’s no harm in having a professional look at your vehicle to ensure you are 100% ready for your trip.

If you need a pre-trip inspection before your next summer road trip, stop by a reliable Auto Repair Salt Lake City like Alex’s Auto Haus or call (801) 566-6115 today!

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