5 Things the BMW owner should know as the weather gets cold. 

winter-bmw-auto-repair1. TPS –  We live in a climate where temperatures are changing regularly.  It’s no surprise that almost daily we may see that tire pressure light come on.  You do not want to dismiss this!  No other component determines the driving performance and prevents so many other subsequent problems as your tires!  You invested in the ultimate driving machine.  Treat it like one!

2. Alternator –  Cold weather depletes battery retention, placing more strain on the alternator.  We also  run those heating systems like we are scaling El Cap, taking a further toll on the battery.  All I’m saying is, the majority of alternator replacements happen in the winter, so if you hear it turning over like my grandfather gets up and out of his favorite recliner, it’s time to get a new one in there before you are left stranded.

3. Snow Tires –   Again, I cannot stress enough, the value of appreciating what good tires allow your performance machine to do, or not do!  BMWs, with the exception of xDrive models have rear-wheel transmissions.  For those owners I would insist that snow tires are a MUST!

A dozen years ago, I wouldn’t have recommended tailoring your tire to the season.  However, with deals local tire factories offer to mount and balance, including seasonal changes, theres no reason not to have a seasonal set.  It only takes one icy day to send your ultimate driving machine down a ditch; and, all of a sudden, the cost of snow tires becomes minuscule.  Not to mention, the original tires will last that much longer!

4. Keep it clean –  This isn’t a hard sell for BWM owners, but joining a monthly car wash service nearby will not only feel better as you step into your horsepower oasis, but you are driving a much safer machine.  Clear windshields and headlight will ensure ultimate visibility.  Are there other factors attributed to winter accidents?  Yes, but check this easy one off the list!

5. Have a kit –  Every responsible driver should do some Google searching of popular emergency kit items and make sure yourself and your loved ones have one.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Full tank of gas.  Filling up at half-empty is not only a good habit to get into for an emergency sake, but will also lengthen the life of your fuel pump
  • Jumper cables
  • Drinking water
  • First-aid items
  • Blankets, jackets, shoes, beanie
  • Shovel
  • Flares or strobe lights
  • Duct tape, preferably in a bright, easy-to-see color

Owning a BMW is a wonderful experience.  These tips, while at first glance seem obvious and trivial, if implemented will save you and your family some headaches and enhance your driving experience as the snow falls.

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